Earlier this year Huey (first baby), came along and pretty soon after, everything changed. Within a few months the flat was sold, I’d handed notice on my job and by August we were living in Devon. Not all of it was Huey’s doing mind you. I was already feeling a need to change how I earned a living and the flat, much as I loved it, wasn’t right for a family home.
There was however no more of a plan that that. Sell, quit, move, that was the plan. No job at the other end, just go and see where the journey takes us…So that’s what the blog is about. It’s about becoming a Dad and whatever we get up to following our move down South.


An adventure.


If you’re reading or looking at this you’ll probably work out pretty quick that I’m neither writer or web-developer. In an attempt to make the content interesting I’ll just post in my own irreverent, warts-and-all style. When that fails, there’ll be pictures of beautiful west country landscapes and a smiling baby to distract you!

I’m seeing beautiful landscapes but no pictures of Huey?
Following consultation (orders) from my S.O, I have taken the decision not to post pictures of Huey here. It’s a shame, as I’ve already got dozens of fab’ pictures of him grinning away and generally loving his new life. Certain posts will however have links to a photo sharing site where you can see nature-boy in action. The gallery will be restricted to friends, please get in touch via the contact form for the entry code.

Happy travels,
Huey’s Dad.

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