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Family day out at Meadfoot’s modern take on the seaside chalet…

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I’ve noticed certain activities that the residents of tourist towns tend to partake in, only when visitors are staying over. Ferris wheel rides, open top bus tours and the local site seeing tram all come to mind.
For me, the guilty pleasure I have been waiting to indulge is the hiring of a beach hut. A lot of the Torbay beaches have them and for many weeks I have been the passer-by, nosily peering inside to check out the interiors.

With grandparent’s keen to visit this was all the justification I needed to get on to Torbay Council and hire a hut. During the phone call I quickly learnt that they are not huts at all, but beach ‘chalets’. I couldn’t contain my grin, but instead of laughing fell in line with the correct vernacular, ‘yes please I’d like to hire a beach chalet!’

Having now been I would like to say I believe they are worthy of chalet status as these are no tatty, shed-on-sea. The chalets at Meadfoot Beach were completely rebuilt I believe in 2015, at a cost to the council of 1.6 million pounds, some serious investment. They are a modern, heavy duty affair set in two tiers that follow the lovely, natural curve of the coast wall. A detail I particularly like is the use of colour. Bucking the usual multi-coloured trend the Meadfoot chalets have been painted in a restricted pallet of random blues, reflecting of course the adjacent sky and sea. Genius.
The exact chalet I booked was located on the upper deck. These are up above the main thoroughfare and as such have the effect of a private balcony. For the labour of climbing another set of stairs you also get better views. Entering from the back, these are presented to you only as you open the doors from the inside and they really are, magnificent.

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To begin with, the 5 of us shuffle out to the balcony and quietly take in the scene in front of us, for late September its pretty spectacular. Then, without introduction or guidance we are busy collectively doing what chalet residents do best, making ourselves at home and getting the kettle on. These views are best appreciated from the deck chairs (provided) and with a cup of tea.

Huey is also a happy chappy. He has grandparents as captive play friends and a bag of toys soon strewn about the chalet and balcony floor. Having spent a fair bit of time with them before our move he is clearly very comfortable in their company allowing Mum and Dad to go for a swim!

Hiring the chalet turns out not to be a self indulgence but a really lovely day out for everyone. The shelter, privacy and home comforts make it a unique day at the beach, a day with an end that comes too quickly…Who is coming to stay next?

How to rent / hire a chalet at Meadfoot Beach…

From the website it seems some people have these hired for the whole season. A number are also available for day hire at £28.oo a day, in my opinion, a real bargain.


or call to book on 01803 208024

There is limited free parking along Meadfoot Beach Road and we have never had a problem getting a space here.

Other facilities nearby…

If you’ve not come prepared with food and drink, there is the lovely Meadfoot Beach Cafe along the same promenade.

There is also decent, clean public loo’s located on the roadside just above the cafe.

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