Broadsands Beach

Sea, sand, sun and a steam train…

broadsands beach paignton
Sweeping sea, sky and sand at Broadsands Beach

This is considered by most to be a Paignton beach but you find yourself well on your way to Brixham getting here. To me, everything about Broadsands is retro. It’s a family, bucket and spade beach with a great long avenue of multi-coloured beach huts and yes, that really is a stream train in the background.

Bec’s loves this place as she came here often when she was a kid, so it was wise to be positive about the place. I can’t remember why but we ended up camping out near the toilet block on the grass behind the beach? I think it was pre-Baxter (the beach shelter) days… grass and blanket is easier with a 6 month old.

Broadsands beach views into Torbay
Walkers enjoy the big blue sky on the headland above Broadsands.

Said 6 month old wasn’t so keen on the place and let his opinion known by having a bit of a meltdown. This was placated by a buggy walk which took me up to the headland lying South East of the beach. Up there its lovely. The headland takes in the South West Coastal Walk leading to Elberry Cove, which we didn’t do. Instead we camped down on the grass and enjoyed the fantastic views back out towards Torquay.

I’d like to come back, but on that steam train if its possible.

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