Day Pass

Middle aged Dad gets fitted for a swimming wetsuit.

For weeks, probably months I’ve had ‘buy swimming wetsuit’, on my to do list. Finally, following some local research I find where to get it and book a day without the gang to get one.

route 2 bike shop topsham devon
route 2 Bike Shop Topsham

I’m on my way to Route 2 in Topsham when my consumer excitement is replaced by something new…guilt. What’s this?? Alone in the car I realise I’m off to spend time by myself, money on myself. I wont be buying the gang lunch, the experience of the day wont be shared and the whole trip suddenly feels like a selfish indulgence. I try and convince myself that this sudden grey day (on the back of weeks of sun), is adversely affecting my mood, but it’s not working…I’m hoping this is not an unfamiliar feeling to new Dad’s. We have I guess lived in each others pockets for a long time now and everything we’ve done has been geared to Huey’s arrival.

Soon enough though I’m pulling in to Topsham and my mood is replaced by the more familiar emotion ‘moody muttering’ as I look for a free parking spot, that I don’t find. Nevermind. I’m here at a pay and display right opposite Route 2, it’s early and they’re open.

I could have bought a well priced swimming suit from wiggle and had it delivered to the door, but my curiosity to check out this cycling cafe has got the better of me. It’s got a mixed identity this place; part cafe, part bike shop and seemingly supplier to the open water swim crowd too. I like it, (I love bikes, swimming and pastries so no surprise there). It stands proud on the corner of Monmouth Hill and has been painted in a rather fetching blue and white colour scheme.

The bike shop to my knowledge is owned and operated by a lady called Liz. When I meet her she is up to her neck in bike maintenance and very busy, but stops what she’s doing to get me my suit. The size i try on is a small / medium which sounded perfect on the phone but turns out to be so tight it nearly induces a panic attack. I go for the next size up which to me seems perfect, though Liz feels I will need to cut a little length off the arms and legs. Again no surprise here, when your my height and build basically nothing fits without some element of customizing.

So my tip for the day! If your in the market for a wetsuit of any kind my advice is to visit the retailer and try it on. Returning basically everything I buy online has become a bit of a running bad joke with me, I’m glad I didn’t make the same mistake with this.

blue seventy swimming tri wetsuit
swim specific wetsuit by Blue Seventy

Ifyourin South Devon and want to hire a bike, eat pastries, try on a wetsuit you can do it here at this cool place….route 2 Topsham Bike Shop



One thought on “Day Pass”

  1. A real pleasure to help Ollie find a Swim suit to fit the bill for him !
    We really appreciate customers like Ollie, trying their local Independant shop rather than risking the “buy on line option” ! Yes, a tad busy when he arrived (which those that know me is quite normal !) but always try & make time for people. Hearing their stories and being able to guide them down the right path – whether for a bike or in Ollies case, squeezing people into suits which are often outside their comfort zone, to receive great feedback of how they have really enjoyed their purchase -IS SIMPLY BRILLIANT, Thank you .

    Enjoy your swimming Ollie, it’s a real treat to swim in a Blue Seventy Suit when you’ve been used to swimming in a surf wetsuit – I’ve been there too!

    Ps you’ve heard of corporate fitness ? Now you can call this “parental fitness” – a happy, healthy parent through regular sporting activities makes for a better caring and relaxed (fitter) mummy or daddy !!!!! Enjoy parenthood X

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