Plainmoor Pool (baby swimming)

Learning to swim and play at the community swimming facility, in the heart of Torquay.

There’s a few things about being a new Dad, that if I’m honest are an absolute chore. However, swimming with Huey is not one of them, I absolutely love it!

plainmoor community swimming pool torquay
plainmoor community pool

Huey’s first swimming encounter was via Turtle Tots swimming lessons at the Star College when we lived in Cheltenham, (link and more details in another post). Since then we’ve tried to keep some continuity and done our best to take him to a pool every week. As soon as we moved I had a look around locally for a pool and came up with either the Riviera Centre or Plainmoor Pool.

The latter Plainmoor Pool, is a long way from the tourist hustle-bustle of Torquay. It’s very much a residential locals pool and for that reason I felt more suited to the task. ┬áPlus, it’s a self funding charity so I could feel good supporting it by taking my money there, bonus!

Getting Huey ready for swimming is a bit of faff; swim nappy, outer covering nappy, then his swim suit! So we get him ready for his swim at home before we go. On arrival, in I go to change and off we go…’SWIM SWIMS!’

For me it’s a strange experience taking a 6 month old in the water. A non swimming baby in your hands is clearly a responsibility. Huey however has no interest in my anxiety. He loves the environment of the water and the pool so it’s well worth it, plus it gives me a real ‘being a Dad’ thrill.

Free parking!

You’ll see the dreaded parking meter in the picture, however swimmers get free parking, you just need to go in and get ticket to display back in your car.


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